If, like me, you struggle to fit in Pilates or Yoga but you know they are so good for you, sometimes the difference between turning up and not, is whether you know the teacher will have a smile on their face and exude positive vibes so that even if you cannot master the 'corkscrew leg circles' that day, you will at least leave feeling better for showing up. Enter Bexercise + one of life's most smiley people, brought in to FAAF Festival to champion the Pilates sessions as well as being on hand to answer questions, to coach you through your weaknesses and to consult on a 1:1 basis if you wish. With your all inclusive ticket, you will get to see Bex throughout the weekend - quiz her on her history as a Loughborough athlete; converse about starting your own business in the fitness industry or join into Bexercise+ physically; her classes will undoubtedly be cheerful, varied and challenging for all abilities.